Senin, 03 Januari 2011

dark angel tattoo-demonic desire

dark angel tattoo design
dark angel tattoo imageWhat a nice dark angel tattoo, a torn wing, inked on the shoulder in black! It is giving us a feel to fly upwards. Believed to be punished by the God for doing something wrong and banished from heavens, dark angel tattoos are inked on different body-parts, including shoulders, back, arms, and neck to commemorate the dark angels.

Symbolically, dark angel tattoos are associated with sorrows or any past mistakes. Like human beings, angels also can do good or bad, and they are known by their kind of deeds. They can exert their power for good or bad causes.

Dark angel tattoo has been increasingly popular among youths from all walks as, chiefly, Dark angel tattoos are showing ever-lasting temptation and desire.

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