Senin, 03 Januari 2011

baby angel tattoo-cherubim redefined

baby angel tattoo designsbaby angel tattoo picturesAngels have awed mankind for ages now. Small children have been necessarily viewed as angels because of their innocence and purity. Baby angel tattoo designs have become a rage amongst the feminine gender. Especially mothers-to-be and ladies who have lost children at a small age have been opting for this design all alike.

This tattoos symbolize serenity, beauty, virtuousness and purity if purpose above all. A lot of experimentation with colors is done in these designs. Normally vibrant colors like red, green, blue, yellow etc. are used. These tattoos are also seen as a connecting point between the physical and divine.

You can get this tattoo inked on your arms or back as they provide a good amount of space to experiment with the designs.

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