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Japanese Tattoo Designs And Ideas



If you’re looking for striking, bold, incredible tattoo designs – then some of the Japanese themes will be perfect for you. In this guide, we’re going to look at some of the main ideas and themes that are commonly seen within this category of tattoo. So let’s begin.

To start with, Japanese designs can be extremely varied, as well as dramatic. One of the common themes with these tattoos is the use of powerful bold colors, especially reds and blues.

The Geisha girl tattoo often features many striking colors, and detail which will require close, fine line-work.

Dragon designs are also very common, and have a very distinctive Japanese style which make them very different from the typical dragon design.

Koi fish are also used quite often. These have great symbolism and meaning in Japanese culture, so they feature prominently in the tattoo designs. Bright orange colors are very common with these designs, as well as very light blues to show water.

The samurai sword is a common re-occuring theme. You can find larger back designs which will include a full samurai warrior, complete with sword and armor.

You can also discover Japanese designs which are heavily influenced by tribal images. These are usually simpler, black designs – which take the form of ornate patterns, or symbols of dragons or koi fish.

The Japanese Kanji alphabet can play a part in these designs, too. You can also have a simple Kanji design. The words will usually have powerful meanings, such as profound sayings, proverbs, haiku’s, and words with other meanings such as animal names. You can get custom translations if you want to have the name of a loved one, or a word which has a particularly strong meaning to you and your life.

These Japanese caligraphy tattoos are often one of the most popular to have in locations where they will often be seen by the owner of the tattoo – such as under the wrist or along the forearm.

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